Hello all, hope you are well.

The next story, “The Hanging Tree” is scheduled for release on Apr 20th-21st.  Keep an eye out for this, it’s one of my favorites!

Check in often, feel free to spread the word, and remember to be kind to one another.

I say this because in class today, a negativeity swept trhough a fellow student.  He seems to be feeling down about his work, and stressed out about accomplishing his due dates in a timely fashion.  His angry post, poisonous really, pretty much turned off all desire to critique his work.  It’s a shame, too, because hi story had some potential.

But who am I to say?  The man may become the next Poe.


“Sadness douth grow in the bitter soil of mans heart,

As does joy and love and kindness.

We are, none of us, all tears.”    — Sarah Ockershausen Delp

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