“What if it doesn’t come back?” Fenris said, sitting her up with himself.  He pulled away to look into her face, his hands on her shoulders. “What will happen to us fi it doesn’t come back?”  His eye wide, the rims showing in the gathering darkness, he snarled with fear. “She, this cannot be!”

She sidled away from his sudden change, his bearing teeth, and whispered against the breeze, “I will get it for you, Fenris.  I, She, will bring back the sun, the light, and the warmth.”  Her voice dripped and dipped, her mind muddled by his outburst and confusion.  She stood, stretching her arms towards where the sun continued to sink deeper and deeper into the sea.  She took a few steps towards the water and onto the hard pack sand, the sand that the wave had reached.  She walked out further, arms still stretched towards the sunset, her back set straight and shoulder squared as she waded into the sea.  The waves crashed around her and still she held out her arms, catching the light for Fenris, so he could see, so he would not be scared.

She looked over her right shoulder at him, pulling her arms back towards her chest, and lightening, brightening, beaming as from within. “See!” she shouted to be heard over the waves, “See I have found some for you!  I will get the rest.” As she turned to move closer to the sunset, a wave, tall and black, covered her, sucked her out, and She was gone.

For what seemed like many waves, Fenris sat, hunched on the beach.  He waited, but her smell was gone, covered by that of the sea.  “But where is She?” he finally whimpered to himself, looking from the spot where she entered to the spot where the sun had entered. “The big water ate both of them, it is much bigger than me, much stronger, even when me was we with She.”  He uncurled himself, planting his hands and knees in the sand again.  “I want She!” he bellowed against the ocean winds, “I want She! Give her back, and bring back the sun!”  He chanted this baying chant, rushing back and forth across the sand, wearing away his fingers and knees.  The sand hardened on the stumps, clumping into sharp claws and calloused pads.  Fenris darted back and forth and back and forth, screeching and moaning and growling at the sea to give him them back, to give them back.  The wind stole half of his words, leaving him with only a keen, mourning, lament “Hooooowwwwwwwooollllllllll!!” that streamed out behind him as he dashed back into the woods.

Fenris retreated for the vantage point and calmness of the rock cliff.  He shrieked through the forest and skidded to a stop on his new paws, just before the edge of the cliff.  His howl, his wailing yowling, ““Hooooowwwwwwwooollllllllll!!” projected from his now stretched face.  The running, wind and sand had shredded him down to a muzzle and eyes, his ears puffed back on his hair.  He howled again, then She rose from the water.

Far away, not where the sun had disappeared, but that far away, She rose again.  She walked very slowly into the sky, bright from within by her stolen sun beams, but pearl white.  She smiles down on him.  His grey eye’s cried for her and he sang her his song.  She watched him all night, and after she touch the water again, she kept her promise, and returned the sun.

——– Sarah Ockershausen Delp

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