Today is a day to remember those that came before, and gave the price that all men must pay, willingly, to protect those they loved.  Today, I’ve posted a story that was written many years ago, about a man who has since paid that price.  His memory is still strong within me.  Grandpa Sam was a larger than life man.  His story, “Hometown Hero” could be about any veteran, any man (or woman) that has been where others are unable to go.


My Grandfather on my father’s side was also a very great man.  He served in the Navy instead of the Army.  Each one of these men served their county, in their owns ways, and in the same war.  They provided for their families and gave everything they could to ensure not only their safety, but their livelihood and comfort.  Without these two men, I would not be who I am today.  My children who not be who they are, and my grandchildren will not grow up never hearing these stories.

Miss you both and can never thank you enough, my heroes.

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