My office reminds me everyday that there is something to look forward to, something new, and a story to tell.

Yesterday was a tough day.  I had gotten some not completely unexpected yet still disconcerting news at work.  I had a million things to do.  I had assignments out the wahoo.  I was hungry.  I was thirsty.  I had a headache.  My brain was screaming at me.

Then I walked through that door and these met me with a smile.

Everything melted away, the stress, the pain, the strain of every day.

Stacks, shelves, paper, ink, characters and lives, histories and tips,


This is what we need as people.  We need to tell our stories, remove ourselves from that which bogs us down, even for only a moment, and take that moment to find something beautiful.

“Remember to open your eyes,

Remember to see,

That small beauty,

That awaits thee.”

—- Sarah Ockershausen Delp

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