… I peeked through, and inside the shed, the whole world changed.  Flower pots had new colors, and there on the table rested a book, just like mine.  I crawled through the window, finding myself surrounded by music and laughter.  I sat on a padded stool placed next to the table.  The book opened before me.  Reading a page or so, I then became very tired.

The voices around me said I should drink some tea.  A tea pot and cup suddenly appeared on the table, next to the book.  The sweet tea poured itself into the cup.  I lifted the china to my lips and took a sip.  The fairies swarmed around me, singing and chanting in a strange tongue.  Then I fell into a peaceful sleep.

I dreamt I had wings.  The fairies and I flew through the woods.

I heard a woman calling.  I awoke and looked back out through the tiny window.  There stood Nanna on the back step, yelling for me to come in for dinner.  I crawled out of the shed and vowed to return the next day,  Yet, when the next day came, I couldn’t find the window.  They fairies never let me see their home, or let me fly again.

The fairies still visit me on warm summer nights, or invite me to play with them behind the woodshed.  Nanna still doesn’t believe me, but Father does, he even took a picture of me pressing one.  He sent it to the paper.  The paper people said they would call on us tomorrow.  I hope they believe, too.

—- Sarah Ockershausen Delp

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