A list of 10 Obvious Fictions all should understand

  1. History = fact just like Money = Power and Power = Intelligence
  2. Once upon a time in a land not too far away, I cared about your opinion…
  3. She proclaimed her undying love for (insert anything here)
  4. Under the blue sky, all was peace.
  5. Humans possess free will.  Excuse me, ALL humans possess free will.
  6. Animals have no emotion, thought or sentience – especially cats, dogs, and large sea mammals.
  7. When defining ‘not eating mammals’ as not eating anything that has fur and/or gives birth to live young and suckles them, it becomes okay to eat human women who do not breast feed… just saying.
  8. Magic and the unexplained have never existed.
  9. No one ever lies.
  10. Storytelling has no redeemable value other than that of entertainment.


~  Sarah 02/18/17

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