Good afternoon team reads-stuff-Sarah-writes!

Something fun has been accomplished and forward momentum has finally resumed.  As you may have noticed, the Xeno poems disappeared for a few weeks.  Well, that happened because I was preoccupied with a different project…and guess what?  It’s done!

So now there’s two gifts from my twisted strange little brain to yours:

  1. Check out Amazon (or follow the link here) to meet the book that ate so much of my time.  The collection of short stories opens a window or two.  Further updates as to signing dates will be coming shortly, accompanied by a maybe (okay probably) companion poetry book (fingers crossed.)
  2. The Xeno poems will resume, starting this Thursday! Keep an eye out for them, as they will be coming a little earlier in the day then they were scheduled for before.  Sorry night owls, I just can’t stay up til midnight anymore.


That’s that for now.  I’ll be checking back soon.  Miss ya, pals. Keep up being great, stay inspired, and find the beauty in every day!

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