Glass shards erupt in my chest –

   behind my ribs it crawls bites

     gnaws –  awakens


The gate slams shut on their future.

Mechanical arms, lead empty

    Morse carries me over the inferno.

Pain, pain reminds me:

    Remember Brett and Parker

    Lambert, Kane and Dallas…

Remember Vasquez, Hudson

   Poor Goreman… Even Burke,



Remember the screeching

   tearing claws on steel.

Tormented mouths impaled

   raped  – used.

Ghosts of gone support

   my spine, speed

      me on my way.

Help me hold her inside –

                until I can die.

“This is Ripley,

last survivor of the Nostromo,

signing off.”


Alien. By Ronald Shusett Dan O’Bannon. Dir. Ridley Scott. Perf. Sigourney Weaver. Twentieth Century-Fox. 1979. Film .

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