Last week, I mentioned I was working on something big, really big…

Huge even. Well, here it is:

The Storyboard for my upcoming novel, Tasha the Mad!

I’ve never done one before and decided to try it in order to look for plot holes and possible character conflicts. Had a heck of a time figuring out how to start, so I thought a little step-by-step might help out a person or two.

First, I printed out my plot outline.
Then I marked off areas of the board with the major moments in my story progression.
There turned out to be 11 spots so I had some room on the end.

I color coded my characters and marked each scene with a location note. It helped to have them color coded. All I needed to do was write the jist of what they are doing in each scene.

Now it’s a big, beautiful, Sarah organized mess, but I know exactly where everything is, what everyone is doing, where the gaps are, and what I need to work on. I feel super comfortable with the progression and the exercise was definitely worth the time.


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