Sure, why not? Sounds like a good time. It’s all about helping those around us, yes? Besides, being a coach or mentor is all feedback and author education. Wisdom from experience. Think I’ll start offering the service.

Let me help you tell your best story.

Learn craft techniques along the way.

Writing is a beautiful and wondrous enigma. Authors scribble letters to signify sound. The symbols are links in a chain, strung together to create words which in turn clump together to make sentences and paragraphs. Our minds see them, process them, give meaning to the symbols, create a story. Whole worlds bloom from nothing but ink and paper. Authors invite readers into their minds and share their experiences, their imaginations, sometimes their very deepest secrets. Fiction authors are professional liars and we as readers knowingly partake in the lie, suspend our disbelief, to live a different life inside those pages. Writing is a wonderful thing.

After I completed my undergraduate degree in English and Creative writing, I self-published a collection of short stories. Looking back on the collection, I wish someone would have been there to help me through the process. That’s when I decided it was time to share my knowledge and lift others out of the mire of lonesome self-doubt. I returned for a MFA in English and Speculative Fiction. My schooling will culminate in an 80,000 word novel and an online teaching certificate.

Now I’m here to help others tell their own best stories.

As a Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror writing coach, I seek to help all those professional liars tell their stories in the most meaningful and true-to-tale way. I approach the time I spend on their work as if it were my own, while allowing the story to remain their story, their experience, their un-truth.  

When something isn’t working, the best way to figure it out is to work together.

In reviewing stories, I first take into account the requests of the author. Do they have any specific questions or areas where they want me to focus such as genre tropes or craft elements? What are their concerns?

I like to look for imagery, emotional content and expression, as well as continuity and style. Small, understated moments at the beginning of a story can have huge consequences later on. It’s exciting to see the “ah ha!”  moment when an author, or reader, discovers the real meaning behind the little wisp touch.

I also offer content editing or line editing services, with some built-in proofreading.   

Make your next tale wonderful.

Share your dream with the world.

Please feel free to contact me for any additional details. Let’s talk about it.


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