In light of our current situation in this great commonwealth, I now have the unique opportunity to be available, at home, for all the hours of the day every day. Now I get to learn my best times for writing, my most creative times, my most determined times, and exactly my least productive time.

The information will help me to plan out a budget that balances my freelance work, my personal development, and creative writing.

So far it seems that I’m most creative in the early mornings, between 6 and 8am. Then I become super productive for a few hours, before petering off with an exhausted brain in the mid-afternoon. By early evening, I’m back up and perky, but without the spark that a sunrise always brings. So, it looks like mornings will be mine to write my own works. After 8:30 or so, I’ll switch over to the coaching track because that will require both creative thought and production. After lunch, I’ll work on editing until I start to droop, then pick it back up after a recoup period like a nap or a walk or good garden weeding. The evening will be reserved for my personal growth. It won’t be too much of a stressor on me since that’s already when I do a majority of my school work. This time will be devoted to making myself a better author, learning laws and practices for editor, coaches, or business owners, and research into possibilities that may make me a more valuable asset to my clients.    

I’ll need to do research on the best practices for developmental editing and writing coach freelance work.

In order to start my own freelancing career, I’m going to have to take a few steps. First, my family and I will have to be in a financial situation where it will be feasible for me to potentially have no income for a few months. Sounds sort of strange, but it’s unlikely that the freelance gig is going to be profitable enough for me to truly rely on it to start. For at least a little while, it feels like freelancing will be time and money spent with little to no return. My family, food, and housing comes first, so I’d like to have at least a year’s worth of mortgage payments saved up before moving on. As I mentioned earlier, we’re in the kind of situation at this very moment in time where if I really wanted to, I may be able to just jump right in. Since the world is changing around us, my company has opted to lay me off for an indefinite period of time because they cannot legally produce homes. Unfortunately, I don’t feel fully prepared to just go for it, but depending on how the situation evolves, it may be a prime time to take the leap.

Training in something industry specific, such as the terms used in advertising SEO for the editing branch or genre specific conventions for the coaching path would also help.

Second, I’ll need to do research on the best practices for developmental editing and writing coach freelance work. Lucky for me, there’s plenty of time at present to do just that. I’ve already encountered a wondrous amount of resources through the university that I can access to gain the knowledge that I may need in order to follow the basic laws and regulations, as well as the best practices of both career paths. Lately, I’ve also been closely watching local and state governmental websites, as well as local business, to glean information about how our economy is being effected. I need to make sure of any laws, regulations, and forms needed to start a small business in my area. I’ve already done some research, but that was for a brick and mortar bookstore and some of the same regulations may not apply to selling services online. Pennsylvania has a lot of taxes and some of them are pretty zany so I should take some time really digest them and make sure I have a strong grasp on what I need to pay and when I need to pay it. Then all I have to do is file the proper paperwork, wait for the okay, and it’s game on!

Catch ya on the flip side!


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