A Little Planning Goes a Long Way

My strategy for finding clients isn’t too complicated, or even really that time consuming. So far, I’ve been able to find quite a few people who are looking for a beta reader just by poking around writers groups on Facebook, as well as our own social media through SNHU. I’ve done the reading and for the most part received written credit for it, usually in the form of thanks in the acknowledgement section of the book. But how does that help? Well, doing these little beginner gigs as a beta is already starting to get my name out.

I don’t charge for a beta read even though there’s a market for it.

A few weeks ago, an author friend of mine had a book birthday with a blurb I wrote for him plastered great big on the back cover. Later that night, I received a message requesting I do a read for a fella in Texas that I’d never met before but am in a writer’s group with and has connections to author friend one. Now, I don’t charge for a beta read even though there is a market for it. By not charging for a read, I feel like I am supporting an author emotionally, giving some validity to their work, and banking a little good will. But, I always include that I have other services available and if the author moves on to second work, I’ll gladly help from beginning to end. I also ask, unfailingly, for them to let others know that I’m available and what I can do and have done. Word of mouth seem to be spreading. I’m also starting to gain more followers on my author’s site and blog, which may end up being a resource I can tap into later via monthly newsletters. It seems like a lot of them are aspiring writers within the Speculative Fiction umbrella. There’s a possibility that someone will become interested in hiring a coach.

But, in order to keep paying the bills, I’ll have to come up with a more dynamic plan.

Being a member of several newsletter groups might help. I receive postings from Submittable, FreelanceWritingJobs.com, Indeed, GlassDoor, Tor.com, and a ton from LinkedIn. Every day I look at these emails and once a week, usually Saturday mornings, I pick six likely gigs or jobs and apply. Fingers crossed for ole Sarah. While these posting sites aren’t always the greatest and offer their own sets of disadvantages, it’s a start.

Catch ya on the flip side!


Image Credits: http://www.etsy.com/listing/162011938/on-sale-quill-penravens-wing-ink-dip, http://www.youtube.com/watch?vlcBUXFtPmIE

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