I’m going to need some help.

First, I’ll have to practice and find a way to overcome my fears and discomfort with talking to strangers and crowds. That’s something I’m working on anyway, but still. Also, it would probably be a good idea for me to learn more about contracts and tax laws, especially if I’m going to be running a freelance business in Pa. With the increase isolation we’re experiencing, I’m also in the advantageous position of having been an online student for an extended period of time. The experience has taught me how to navigate online universities, as well as a bag full of tricks and treats for research that will bolster work in both the editing and coaching branches of my freelance work. When I start to take on editing clients, I’ll be prepared to navigate an online environment and find any outside information required to finished the job but not provided by them. If I take on an author as a coaching client, I’ll be able to communicate effectively with them and point them towards possibilities that will enrich not only their writing, but strengthen their skills as a storyteller.

A free future ahead of me.

My evenings will be spent hunting for these extra bits that will make me more valuable to the client and give me opportunities to learn. I’m also going to need some additional tools. Writers and Poets, Writers Digest, and Poetry already come here to be trolled for information, but it might be good to receive a more genre specific magazine. That way I can stay on top of trends, or at least near them, and steer my work or querying in those directions. I was also looking into writing software, such as Grammarly, to help ensure the quality of my work and maybe cut a little time off of the editing/revision process. Bookkeeping software, like Quick Books, might be a good idea as well. That way I can keep track of expenditures and income, see where my profits are, and be better prepared when it comes to tax time. Something to keep track of time spent on a project is required, too. I think it could be accomplished with a simple template from Word or Excel, but it would still have to be set up and stuck to, something uniform across all my projects.     

Plan. Execute. Recover.

Speaking of time, how will I be budgeting it, especially if there’s more than one project going on? Well, part of that depends on due dates and preset time constraints, as well as which branch of my career the project lays in. On the editing side, if I accept a project that I know is due in a month, I can fit it in around my already established schedule. If I accept a project I know will have a milestone due in two weeks, well, then some of my already established schedule will have to be moved around the project work. Since we can assume that I’m no longer working a fulltime job with required overtime, that frees up at least 50 hours of my week. Man, now I have to figure out what to do with all that time. Hopefully, fill it with freelance writing gigs.

Catch ya on the flip side!


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