Author Biography

Sarah Ockershausen Delp works with words, crafting stories in a meaty poetic style and dripping with character evolution. In her reviews, she discusses thematic interpretation and imagery. She tries to focus on emotional representation and it’s effects on the reader. Her present project is a Science Fiction novel exploring the meanings of the human soul and feminine power. She’s also written poems, essays, and short fiction much of which can be found here or in her collection, Bites. Sarah’s always looking up at night from her Central Pennsylvania backyard , watching the stars and wondering about where we will go and what we will see, who we will meet, and how our lives will be affected. Where do we fit into the universe? How much Universe is there?

Robots and starships and alien beings run through her brain like lightening fire in a forest. Sarah can’t wait to share the worlds she’s created with you. She obtained her BA in Creative Writing and English from Southern New Hampshire University in 2017 and is presently attending an MFA program. A little education never hurts. Sarah’s husband, daughters, dogs and cats agree she’s much happier when writing, learning, and sharing her experiences.