Karin Tidbeck – Telling a beautifully rendered story can be frightening, emotional, and inspiring in any language

Daniel Jose Older – Bringing new life to iconic characters

Marko Kloos – A wild side of Science Fiction

Ursula K. Le Guin – Reminding us that there is room in the literary world for intelligent, thoughtful, creative women.

LOS ANGELES – DEC 15: Ursula Le Guin at home in Portland, Origon, California December 15 2005. (Photo by Dan Tuffs/Getty Images)

A. G. Riddle – Reminding us that beauty will find a way through the destruction

Issac Asimov – The Father of the Robotic Laws

Christopher Paolini – Reminding us to work hard to achieve our goals

Neil Gaiman – Reminding us to Dream (even when they are scary)


Aaron Bunce – reminding Us that historical research makes beautiful stories with strong character and settings


Robert Frost – Reminding us that it only takes a few words to make something beautiful

frosrobert t

Stephen King – Reminding us that it’s beautiful to be afraid (sometimes)


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