Hi Sally! Here are some of the notes on what we’ve been discussing:

  1. Navigating WordPress
  2. How to apply a theme
  3. How to customize a theme
  4. How to create a page
  5. How to add a tagline
  6. How to move a page from Drafts
  7. How to adjust a site from Private to Public
  1. Navigating WordPress – Do you already have a domain name? If so, you might be looking at one of a couple of different pages to start.  If your address bar at the top of your browser says “yourdomainname.wordpress.com/wp-admin/” you’re looking at the admin page. While this page is helpful and gives you lots of information and settings, it can be kind of hard to navigate. In the upper left-hand corner should be a “W” in a circle with “My Site” next to it. If you click that, it will take you to a slightly less confusing page from which you can do a lot of the customization, including themes.
  2. How to Apply a Theme – Now, on the left hand side a menu should be showing from top to bottom: Stats, Plan, Site, Design, Tools, and Manage. The “Theme” area is under the design tab. Click on that and choose your theme. Once you’ve got it, click “Activate this design” near the middle of the upper area of the screen.  It may also say “Publish,” if so, hit that button as well.  That applies your changes.
  3. How to Customize a Theme – Under the “Site” tab in your menu on the left side is a couple of options: Pages, Posts, and Media are the ones you should be looking at for now. If you click on “Pages” it will show you the different pages on your site. “Posts” will show you any blog posts that are already there. “Media” will show you a library of images that you’ve uploaded, when it comes time. To alter the text on a page, click on “Pages” then the name of the page you want to change. Now you click on the text or image you want to alter and you should be able to just go ahead and change it!  Remember to click either “Update” or “Publish” in the top right hand corner to make sure that your changes are applied to the page your working on.
  4. How to Create a Page – To make a “Page” click on your “My Site” button by the W in the left-hand corner. Your menu should pop up that runs down the left hand side. Under the “Site” tab, there is a “Pages” link. Click on that. There may already be one or two pages besides your landing or home page, and that’s fine. If there are, don’t worry about them too much right now.  To make a new page, click on the “Add New Page” button on the right-hand middle-ish side of your screen. This should take you to the page editor, which is basically just how you put your information in. Near the top at on the left it will ask you to add a title. The title is just your name for the page and that’s how it will show up in your menu bar on your actual site.
  5. How to Add a Tagline – The area for that shows in under your “Design” tab in the left-hand menu. You would click “Customize” which brings up another menu in basically the same spot. There you click “Site Identity” which brings up two boxes, one for your “Site Title” and one for your “Tagline.” For example, my Title is “Becoming” and my Tagline is “Explore the Space Inside.” After you fill in the boxes with what you want to say, hit the “Publish” button to post and save your changes.
  6. How to Move a Page from Drafts – After making a page, hit the “Publish” button to apply them to your site right away. If you’ve hit the “Save to Draft” link it will save them, but they won’t show on the publicly accessible site. To get them back, just click the “Drafts” tab at the top of your screen, then click on the name of the page you want to publish. This will bring the page up for edit and your “Publish” button should be available!
  7. How to adjust a site from Private to Public – To adjust your site from “Private” to “Public” click on your “My Site” by the W in the upper left-hand corner.  In the menu on the left side, click “Manage” tab. Under that tab is a “Settings” link. This will bring up your settings page.  Under the “general” tab on the page, about halfway down, is a box titled “Privacy” If your site is private, the button next to “Private – Your site is only visible to you and users yo approve” will be filled. To change it to “Public” just click the button next to it and make sure you hit “Save Settings” in the upper right-hand corner to save your change.